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It is the era of massive data. Structured and unstructured information is growing in your repositories and waiting to be discovered and re-scaled.

Our research and development capabilities, and adoption of best practices help you reduce costs and provide value.

We also offer to implement big data in your premises or over the cloud.


We help you to improve insights and make smarter decisions through our data science capabilities and data analytics experts. You will predict critical business trends and stay on top of market.

Our data analysis consultants have extensive expertise building models for your structured and unstructured data.

03 / IoT

Sadeem has active members in IoT (Internet of Things) research activities locally and globally with focus on smart IoT data and knowledge engineering.


Our Solutions


The multiplication of retail channels and the increasing use of social media empowers consumers. Our analytics enable retailers to discover consumer behavioral and futuristic insights; supporting creating new services, personalized offers, and immediate promotions.


Modern education echo systems produce zillions of data records reflecting the fine detailed measurements of multiple dimensions related to learning. We are involved in real world state of art education projects with a great success record.


Smart Spaces are the main provider of modern data feeds. Handling these endless feeds needs different engineering, analytical and business skills to maintain the complex needs for both humans and machines at the same time. Our distinguished scientific and practical track will help achieving these goals.


Financial institutions are in continuous need to transform mountains of payment data into a goldmine of insight. Through powerful data engineering ad analytics techniques, we can help financial organizations turn mass data into valuable insights to reduce the risk of fraud and to identify new revenue opportunities.

Who We Are


As Sadeem's founders started the company in Cairo, the goal was clear. Sadeem is built to create innovative solutions in Data Analytics and Knowledge Management to serve different industries and business owners in Egypt and the region of MEA.

In 2013, a small group of entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in data and information management, in addition to proven academic records in data sciences, decided to make Sadeem. We are specialized in big data engineering and analytics, knowledge engineering, predictive analytics, and business intelligence.


Sadeem founders are experts in Data Analysis, Internet of Things, Data Science, and Information Management. Having long journeys in the industry of information technology and software development across many domains, their expertise is proven through many successful projects. In addition, Sadeem team has remarkable academic achievements in Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering that enriched our creativity and state-of-the-art solutions.


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